1) Pioneer Monument is on Temple Square. How is our family recognized on the monument?
"Many Slaves: Flake, Chambers, Crosby, Lay"
"Green Flake, Hark Lay, and Oscar Crosby, Colored Servants"
"Jane Manning James was here"
"Remembrance to the unknown slave who traveled West"
2) What currently sits on the Green Flake homestead location?
Mini mansion
Plaque to honor Green Flake
Trader Joes
Family Cemetery

3) What is the name of our ancestor who drove the wagon carrying Brigham Young?
Darrel Frank Perkins
LeRoy Lay Leggroan
Crosby Bankhead
Green Flake
4) What is significant about the word Evergreen?
It is a beautiful tree.
It was the name of a descendant.
It is the name of a street where the first reunions were held.
It is Lucinda Flake's father.